We provide advice and services that enable our clients identify opportunities and manage strategic and operational risks and enhance decision-making in the following areas;


Fraud Consulting

  • Fraud monitoring and detection 
  • Telecoms fraud training and Recruitment
  • Recruitment of Specialized fraud & risk officers 
  • Fraud monitoring for the power and energy sector 
  • Internet fraud
  • Simbox fraud tracker
  • Fraud risk assessment

IT and Security Consulting

  • Security/bug sweeping.
  • IT security and controls 
  • Security Process Development
  • Internet, systems and network Security Assessment 
  • Forensics Security and fraud  Workshop 
  • Security Health Check

Forensic Solutions

  • Forensic analysis and investigation

GF-Forensics can help you attain a level of diligence through the following services:

  • Watch dog activity and enforcement 
  • Mystery shopping activity
  • Police liaison 
  • Reporting fraud and security breaches

Employment background checks

Background screening is a simple yet effective measure organizations can take to help mitigate financial, reputational and security risks.  Background screening can help you better ensure the person is credible and who he claims to be and verify the accuracy of information supplied by applicant /candidate.

The Cheating Partner - Investigations

You think your partner is having an external relationship; you need to confirm this then speak to us directly.

Legal verifications and Compliance

At GF – Forensics, Legal Verifications and background checks is always done in close tandem with local associates whose useful fraud insight, knowledge of local bureaucracy and confidential networks help to drive the verification process forward as fast as possible. We have introduced fraud techniques in carrying out verifications to ensure our client is fully complaint.

Our fraud verification teams also take into account environment quality considerations and to this end, GF-forensics join with carefully selected local professionals as they seek to acquire access to highly desired data.

GF-Forensics prides itself on building warm community relationships and works hard to verify cell tower locations and ensure that all documents and individuals are verified 

A foundational part of our verification and compliance expertise, our fraud professionals know the business. They understand the legal and political environment and the application processes. From evaluation to timely approvals, to fraud innovative solutions, every issue of site acquisition is meticulously verified. To put it simply, we always ensure full compliance and integrity.